Tough plies of truck tire material virtually eliminates chipping or abrasion, unlike molded rubber, extruded rubber, or wood plan bumpers.
Attractive deep black color enhances a neat, professional architectural look.
Manufactured under pressure exceeding 1,500 lbs. to absorb over 80% of impact force.
Anchor bolts are protected by at least 3" of rubber to prevent damage.

Uses / Applications

Available in two models: bumpers with angles for most applications -- equipped with 1/4" steel angles on both ends;
and bumpers with flat plate for use with dock levelers --optional 1/4" flat
steel plate for one or both ends.
Have unlimited applications in factories, warehouses and docks.
Vehicle impact protection for loading docks.
Projecting above low docks.
Rub rails at the sides of truck wells.
Wall bumpers to protect against fork lift trucks.
Special construction features to accommodate unusual anchoring conditions.

Laminated Rubber Dock Bumpers

   Provides maximum protection against                                        Constructed to last and provide years of protection
   vehicle damage to docks, buildings and cargo.    Anchored through thick steel angles to provide
   Absorbs over 80% of truck umpact and shock to                           stability and shape retention
   protect dock and building.                                    Performs on any truck dock under any weather         Leading bumper sold in the industry today   condition or prolonged exposure
   Standard sizes shipped within 24 hours.                                      Maintenance free. 5 year warranty.
  Eliminates costly repairs from severe shock to docks.


   Fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from selected                             Rubber pads 4 - 1/2" or 6" thick
   recycled truck tires.
   Rubber pads laminated between structural steel
   angles and secured with 3/4" steel tie rods.


     Structural mounting angles permit welded installations or provide bolting through steel. .

   Furnish and install rubber dock bumpers. Resilient                      The anchor leg of angle extends a minimum of 3"
    rubber material of bumpers shall be rubberized-fabric                 beyond the rubber surface at either end and
    truck tires cut to uniform size pads and punched to                      contains two or three 13/16" anchor bolt holes as
    receive 3/4" supporting rods.           required
  All bumpers must be 4-1/2" or 6" thick (projection                         Black finish
   from dock), and closed with two 1/4" structural                              Galvanized exposed metal or all metal available
   angles under approximately 1,500 lbs. of pressure. upon request, surcharges apply

Laminated Rubber Dock Bumpers
B 4506 Series
B 4510 Series
B  610 Series
B 4512 Series
B 4520 Series
B   620 Series
B 4524 Series
B   624 Series
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