Grille Doors
Aluminum Grille Doors
These grilles are most often used in mall applications, commercial buildings and are anodized black, dark bronze, clear or gold.

Our grilles are strong durable and attractive.
Excellent to safeguard exterior and interior areas in every type of locations.Offering formidable security, aesthetic and compact design these grilles are a perfect solution for almost any application where ventilation and visibility are necessary.

US Overhead Doors also offers grille door products from industry leaders such as Dynamic Closures, Alumatek-Pacific and Dynaflair. Specialty products including sliding, folding and pocket grilles can accommodate non standard applications such as variable heights, curved storefronts, limited headroom, and other unique design criteria.

Standart Features
Extruded aluminum guides and oontinous steel wall angles (or optional support tubes)
Face of Wall Mount (Steel, Wood Jambs)
Extruded aluminum tubular bottom bar
Face of Wall Mount
(Mansonry Jambs)
Tubes Mount
(typical Mall Installation)

Part 1 General
1.01 Summary

A. Aluminum grilles excluding design, construction and preparation of openings; finish or field painting; access panels; electrical wiring, conduit, wire, fuses and disconnect switches

1.02 Performance

A. Usage: Aluminum grilles are designed to operate a minimum of 20,000 cycles.

Part 2 Products
2.01 Materials

A. Manufacturer: R & S Manufacturing, model G ___
B. Mounting: Face of wall or between-jamb
C. Operation: Push-up to 14' wide and 9' high (with pull-down pole over 7' high) and chain hoist on larger sizes is standard. Awning crank, crank box or motor operation are optional.
D. Curtain: Pattern 91 ___, formed with horizontal rods 1 1/2" apart, connected by vertical links 9" apart. Bottom of curtain is reinforced by an extruded aluminum tubular footpiece.
E. Guides: Extruded aluminum guides are bolted to structural steel wall angles. Guides are fitted with nylon pile wear strips.
F. Brackets: Steel plate brackets are bolted to wall angles to support curtain and barrel and provide mounting for hood.
G. Barrel: Steel pipe houses torsion spring assembly and supports curtain with a maximum deflection of .03 inch per foot of width. Torsion springs are mounted on a continuous cold rolled steel shaft, adjustable by a tension wheel outside or inside one bracket.
H. Locking: Slidebolt locks with push-up or crank operation and chain lock with chain operation.
2.02 Finish
A. Aluminum curtain, footpiece and guides are mill finish. Steel brackets and wall angles receive one coat or rust inhibiting gray primer.Part 3 Execution
3.01 Installation
A. Aluminum grilles are to be installed by and R & S authorized representative in accordance with R & S installation instructions.



Standard Duty
Standard straight link pattern for grilles in normal usage such as shopping malls and storefronts. All aluminum curtain is formed of horizontal rows of 5/16" aluminum rods spaced 1 1/2" apart to be connected by vertical 3/4" aluminum links spaced 9" apart.
Heavy Duty
Heavy straight link pattern for grilles in high usage applications such as parking garages. Curtain is formed of horizontal rows of 5/16" aluminum rods alternating with 1/4" galvanized steel rods covered with a 5/16" aluminum tube sleeve. Rods are spaced 1 1/2" apart and connected by vertical 3/4" aluminum links spaced 9" apart. A brick pattern is available.

High Cycle Construction designs to provide up to 150,000 operating cycles
Emergency Egress System recessed pull handle in a flush mount enclosure mechanically disconnects motor operator to provide partial opening of grille for emergency exit
Support Tubes square steel tubes attached to floor and structure above to provide mounting for grille
Sloped Footpiece for special sill conditions.
Soffit Flange Cover 5 1/2" wide flange on bottom of footpiece to conceal slot required for above ceiling installations.
Cylinder Locks on footpiece
Hood formed from galvanized steel or aluminum sheet
Fixed Grille Panel Grille curtain in a supporting frame
Anodized Finish clear, dark bronze, gold, black and other color anodized finishes on curtain, footpiece, guides and hood
Special Accessories safety bearing functioning as an inertia brake, tubular motor operator completely contained within the barrel, powder coating finishes available in a variety of colors


Operation and Clearance Requirements
Operation            W            H          X"    Y"    Z"    V"

Push - up           To 14'          To 9'          6       6       20     15

Chain                To 16'           To 9'          6       8       20     15
   or                          To 16'           9'-14'         6       8       22     17
Crank                      16'-24'          To 8'          6       8       20     15
                                 16'-24'          8'-14'         6       8       22     17

Motor                          consult Factory

       R/H operation as shown - reverse 'X' and 'Y' for L/H
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