* All models U.L. listed                                                         * 115/230 volt - 1 phase or 208/230/460 volt - 3 phase * Full  overload protection                                                                 * Heavy duty reversing controller    
* Instant reverse motor wiring on single phase                      * 3-button NEMA 1 control station    
* 24 volt control circuit                                                           * Heavy duty driven limits    
* Right or left hand / brackets or wall mount                         * MG operators available with solid state controller    
* Wired standard with constant pressure to close                 * 12 month warranty at time of purchase

* Pneumatic or electric edge to provide safety stop or reverse upon contact with obstruction    
* Keyswitch, ceiling pull switch, card key and keyless entry          
* Timer and photo electric control, loop detectors and treadles    
* NEMA 4, 7, 9, 12 / JIC and Car Wash modifications    
* Consult factory for other wiring modification, controls and accessoris

    'J' Belt Drive Jackshaft Operator          'H' Belt Drive Hoist Operator

For use on small rolling doors and small to medium              For use on small to medium size rolling doors and
size rolling grilles in standard usage applications.                  all rolling grilles in standard usage applications.
Floor level disconnect for manual push-up operation.            Floor level disconnected with electrical interlock for
Heavy duty V-belt drive with adjustable friction clutch           manual chain hoist operation. 
and posi-lock brake system.                                                    Heavy duty V - belt drive with adjustable friction 
Available in 1/3, 1/2, and 3/4 horsepower.                            clutch and posi - lock brake system
                                                                                               Available in 1/3,  1/2,  and 3/4 horsepower
Compatible with Emergency Egress System
(See Aluminum Grille Option)   

     "MG' Gear Drive Hoist Operator              'GJ' Gear Drive Jackshaft Operator 

 For use on all rolling doors and grilles in standard                   For use on all small rolling doors and all counter
 usage or high-cycle applications.                                             and counter fire doors.
 Floor level disconnect with electrical interlock for                    Adjustable torque limited with disconnected for 
 manual chain hoist operation.                                                 manual push - up operation.
 Heavy duty bronze gears running in oil bath.                           Bronze gears running in oil bath.
 Electric solenoid brake
                                                                                                 Compact belt drive jackshaft operator with 1 button
                                                                                                (modell SJ) is also available for use on counter and
 Available in 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1/2, 2 and 3 horsepower.                    small rolling grilles in limited usage applications.

Commercial Motors
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'J' Belt Drive Jackshaft Operator                             'H' Belt Drive Hoist Operator  
"MG' Gear Drive Hoist Operator                              'GJ' Gear Drive Jackshaft Operator
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