Dock Seals


For door openings up to 8′ wide x up to 12′ high with level driveways

Foam Drape Seals



Bondor foam dock seals are constructed of the finest materials and assembled to give you years of dependable service.  

Double Layer Face              

An extra layer of material on the face of the seal reinforces and protects the foam core from damage

Mounting Board 

Our foam core is bonded to a kiln-dried 2″ thick wood backboard for an easy, long-lasting installation

Drape Curtain 

Our weighted curtain is made the width of the seal opening, and it covers the face of the sidepads

Polyfoam Core 

Insulating polyurethane foam conforms to the shape of the truck to form a tight weatherseal

Galvanized Hardware 

All Bondor Foam Seals are provided with appropriate galvanized mounting brackets. Building fasteners not included


Permanent Guide Stripe 

A 4″ wide contrasting guide stripe yellow guide stripe. Other colors upon request    

Rugged Vinyl Cover 

Top quality abrasion resistant 22 oz. vinyl coated nylon fabric is used to cover our standard seals. A 40 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl material is used on our heavy duty seals.
Full Width Header 

Header to consist of full width, weighted drape curtain with mounting backboard. Curtain to be supported between side pads by galvanized pipe sewn into curtain.


Standard colors are black with a sewn on.

Open Bottoms 

The bottom of all vertical pads is open to allow air to escape during compression of the seal,
reducing the amount of stress on the vinyl fabric

Side View

3″ wide x 9′-4″ long x 3/4″ plywood backboard

Truck Bumpers Required
Front View
Top View
Square side pad cross section shown above- recommended design for door widths 7′ 4″ or less
Top View
Beveled* side pad cross section shown above- recommended design for 8″ wide doors
*Beveled side pads allow seal to be mounted with backboard flush with door opening. Eliminates forklift damage to backbord
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